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Best Drain Cleaners That Will Unclog Anything

Citric acid is a weak, organic acid that is nontoxic, and is often used as both a cleaning agent and a buffering agent in household cleaning products. In addition; the presence of citric acid in a solution can enhance the antibiotic or antimicrobial properties of other disinfecting agents. Citric acid is a natural substance found in most fruits and vegetables as well as in the human body, and is considered environmentally safe. A manual drain snake, also known as a plumber’s snake, is a small auger that rotates as it’s physically pushed through the clog. At the terminal end is a corkscrew-shaped hook that is fed into a clogged drain or toilet. Rotation of the hooked end occurs when the handle of the auger’s drum is turned, which also feeds more of the snake into the drain.

Whenever there is a blocked drain in your home, the Professor Amos Superfast drain cleaner delivers a superior drain cleaning performance. Drano is one of the most popular drain cleaners on the market and their 80-ounce Drano Max Gel has plenty of clog removing power. These seemingly simple drain clog issues become even more irritating when “do-it-yourself” methods fail, and you must concede defeat to a professional plumber. Not to worry, Nick’s Plumbing & AC has you covered when it’s time to call in the big guns and get that drain or sewer line blockage out of your way. Many drain cleaners can severely burn your skin and damage your eyes or nostrils. So, you should use gloves, goggles, and a respirator when using these products.

Drano Max Gel Clog Remover

The Liquid-Plumr Pro-Strength Drain Cleaner provides a powerful, fast-acting solution for both slow-running and fully clogged drains. Spreads through the entire plumbing system, devouring all the organic waste. High density formula is heavier than water, sinks and clings to the blockage to work fast. The following drain cleaners contain a range of formulas so you can find the right one for your needs. Factors such as whether you need the clog removed quickly, your environmental concerns or any limitations of your plumbing system will determine the type of formula you require. For this post, I have put together a collection of the best drain cleaners currently available.

When you have a clogged drain slowing you down, you need to know what the best drain cleaner out there is. Learn about some of the best drain cleaners out there to use on your clogged drain. It is made from bacteria that quickly multiplies when in use. It breaks all sort of waste from sludge, grease, paper and solid waste. It cutting-edge formula is great for use in any pipes as well as septic systems. Its thick and heavy liquid gel sinks and clings at the bottom of the blockage as well as the pipe walls before starting to work its way until the whole blockage is cleared.

Caustic Drain Cleaner

It comes in a recycled plastic container, plus it is non-corrosive. It is ideal for commerical bathroom drains, sinks, and toilets. It drains all sorts of clogs from soap scum, hair, grease as well as fat. Moreover, it provides a very good service to cesspools, septic tanks as well as sewage systems. The Drano Max Gel Drain Clog Remover is specifically designed to remove any tough, nasty clogs.

As a result, you can be certain of purchasing a product filled with an action packed formula which will clear out any unwanted obstructions and have those pipes as right as rain again. However, in light of its effectiveness and safety, there’s no doubt that it’s an excellent choice for an efficient, environmentally friendly solution for blocked drains. XIONLAB Safer Drain Opener actually goes the extra mile in ticking as many items off the perfect drain cleaner wish list as possible. It is now over 25 hours later & has NOT drained one drop.

What Is A Liquid Drain Cleaner?

There are many kinds of obstructions that could cause a blockage in your drain. Food, soap scum, oils, fats, plastics, hair, and paper are all key culprits when trying to identify the cause of a clogged drain. Toothpaste, shaving cream, heavy items (i.e. tiny toys kids put in the drain) are also common causes of drain clogs. When shopping around for the best drain cleaner, first determine what is causing the blockage.

Made in the USA, each sale gives a percentage of its profits to a non-profit organization to cure drug addiction. Overall, this is the best option for a shower drain cleaner. Drain cleaners use an acidic approach to dislodging your clog. By default, this means that they can cause damage to plastic and rubber.

Like Drano, Green Gobbler is advertised as safe for pipes and biodegradable. It comes with a price tag of $5 for a 31 oz bottle at Home Depot. However, this enzymatic cleaner might need to sit overnight to fully eradicate your clog. This 64-fluid ounce bottle is a natural cleaner that is meant to deodorize your drains and plumbing system.

professor amos drain cleaner reviews

Yes, an enzyme-based drain cleaner is new to the market and is quite effective in cleaning stubborn clogs. It is an environment-friendly product and is also an alternative to harsh chemicals. It’s not only important to purchase the best drain cleaner but also know how to use it effectively. Some drain cleaners cannot be used in tubs, toilets or garbage disposals as they contain harmful disposals.

The best drain opener for your needs largely depends on what drain is clogged and what’s causing the blockage. Some products are specially formulated to cut through grease, while others are more effective on hair. Plus, if you have a septic system or garbage disposal, you’ll need a special drain opener that won’t harm your plumbing. However, when it comes to Professor Amos’ solution, you’ll find it surprisingly quick. Despite the heavy workload, be it hair, grease, or toothpaste, this drain cleaner is incredibly time-efficient.

Put it altogether, and you get a very solid drain cleaner for clearing out metal pipes. If you’re looking to remove a more serious clog, this wouldn’t be a bad drain cleaner to turn to. After using the cleaner in a sink or tub, rinse the drain thoroughly with running water. Don’t allow children or pets to go near the drain for at least two hours after using cleaner . Even a small residue of drain cleaner is poisonous and hazardous.

Drano Max Gel Clog Remover’s thick, no-nonsense formula targets clogs directly by cutting through standing water, grease, and waste build up. Verified reviewers rate the product five stars for consistently clearing tough clogs in under five minutes, and for working when other formulas have failed. The product is ideal for clearing clogs and for use as a preventative measure, maintaining clog-free drains and sinks with a once monthly maintenance dose. The formula works by quickly dissolving grease, hair, and waste buildup to liquify clogs in under one minute. The product offers an excellent solution for clearing standing water, with most users reporting results in twenty minutes or less. It is also safe to use these products for maintenance, pour it on your drains regularly to prevent serious problems and to avoid calling for plumbing services.

No biological enzymes will be harmed, and it is powerful enough to get rid of anything in your pipes that causes the water not to go down. Type of Clog Not all drain cleaners are effective for every type of clog, so verify that the pick you’re choosing will work on the type of clog you suspect you’re dealing with. Bathroom clogs are more likely to be caused by scum and hair, while kitchen clogs usually require a formula that is effective against grease. This product comes in 32-ounce bottles and contains a special blend of bacteria that digest and liquefy food particles, grease, fats, and oils. The thick formula will stick to the blades of your garbage disposal, cleaning and deodorizing the appliance. This product is septic system-friendly, and it has an orange scent that will leave your sink smelling nice.

First, place a bucket under the pipe and then loosen the nuts to remove the p-trap. If you see the clog, remove the materials with a drain snake or any other tool. Works for plumbing in the kitchen, bathroom, powder room, laundry tub, and floor drains. Designed to prevent clogs, treat slow drains, and reduce odors. Its quality is tested and approved by the regulating body. With this, you can expect great performance when it comes to mild or severe drain clogs.

professor amos drain cleaner reviews

If ingested through the mouth or nose, it can cause serious sickness, and even death. You’ll want to use it in short bursts so as not to inhale too many fumes at one time. As long as you don’t have to loosen up a huge clog, it should get the job done. Making use of a non-acidic formula, it loosens up residue in your pipes without corroding your pipes themselves.

We do not warrant or guarantee any of the information contained on this site. We are making no assertions about the products or brands themselves; only opinions on the reviews. Insert it into your drain, twist it so that the burrs can grip the blockage-causing substances, and pull it out. While Professor Amos Superfast Drain Cleaner may cost a bit more than other cleaning products, the benefits are worth the price. There’s one product that seems to stand out when it comes to cleaning and clearing drains.

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You just need to dilute it with water, and you are good to go. Moreover, this product is not in liquid form, making it ideal for schools, homes, restaurants, and even hospitals. Its packaging is well made, making it easier to utilize.

So much so, many fine drain cleaners simply do not work to solve the problem. This product will not harm copper or newer plastic pipes. So, check your plumbing for acid resistance before using this product. Some people want a universal drain cleaner that works in the sinks and the toilets. Liquid Lightning Buffered Sulfuric Acid is such a product.

It not only improves the water flow but also helps to keep the air clean and odorless. When it comes to drain cleaning, we can find a variety of products in the market, all performing great with the abilities they have. There are no harsh chemicals, so it does not produce fumes or irritate your skin and is gentle on pipes, plumbing, hoses, caps, and valves. You can use it for 1500 gallon tanks, a portable toilet at the camp-site, in your RV or boat.

You must also keep them out of the reach of children and pets and ventilate the room following their application. And that’s when its premium natural microbes which love to feast on the organic material of which clogs are made, kick into action breaking it all down. I watched the demonstartions on HSN many times then I decided to just order it for the bathtub that continues to backup and has been doing so for years. This one is Super Duper, clean smelling, fast working and does exactly what it says it will do. It’s made out of a combination of synthetic and natural ingredients, and is very safe for human use. However, it’s not designed to be used with toilets and garbage disposals.

  • Some of them even store heat, causing the pipe to corrode.
  • As a disinfectant, silver has been shown to work synergistically when combined with other disinfecting agents.
  • Unfortunately, shower clogs happen at the most inconvenient time.
  • Few drain cleaners can be toxic or harmful to pets, as well as human beings.
  • But if the clog is too much, use all of it and leave it to work for 30 minutes before running hot water all over it.
  • It does not give any fume and can be used for hose-end, power sprayers.

What’s worse, the odor of the formula itself is quite strong and chemical-like. No, but it works on bathroom drains easily by just pouring. Quality and Price– Always professor amos drain cleaner reviews consider quality over price when it comes to choosing the best drain cleaner for your system. Although most of them are affordable, always go for quality first.

For toilets, add 2 full chambers, allow the solution to sit for 2 hours or overnight for better results. Once the water has come back to its normal level, just flush the toilet. Featuring a no-mess-no-fuss approach to drain cleaning, the new dual-chambered bottles contains 2 pre-measured applications.

professor amos drain cleaner reviews

While not for use in completely clogged drains through which no water flows , chemical- or enzyme-based solutions are effective in de-gunking partially clogged drains. Different drain cleaners, however, have distinct formulations and uses—and some have risks, so keep reading. Be sure to thoroughly read all of the directions on the label before using. Since you don’t have x-ray vision and can’t see through your pipes, a good starting place for figuring out what’s causing the blockage is good ole common sense. All those pieces of food you shoved down the drain after doing dishes are back to haunt you. product works in mere seconds, unlike some liquid drain cleaners, which can take up to eight hours to dissolve grime and build-up.

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